WTS/WTT OR ANIB Sig P227, 45 for P220, P220 SAS (Compacts), E229, or Styer Aug A3

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by RetiredLEO, Apr 29, 2015.

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    ,I will trade my ANIB Sig P227 for a Compact Beretta 92, or a Sig, DA/SA, 9mm or 45, Compact P220 or Compact P229E including SAS Gen II, etc.

    Yesterday I purchased this P 227 from a fellow supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a well known friend and trusted member of this forum. Although I have not fired it I find it is too large, and the springs too stiff for my 77 year old (small) hands to manage properly. He purchased it new last year, fired 70 perfect rounds at one sitting, cleaned it and it has been in his safe since then. I would like to trade it for a Compact Beretta or Compact Sig, DA/SA, 9mm or 45 for duty use, or for an Aug A3 for use in my vehicle. I would also sell it to purchase a weapon better suited to my needs.

    My P227 has never been carried and shows no visible wear or use except some very slight thinning in the Sig hard anodized finish on one top edge of the barrel where the slide moves over it. It comes as it came from the factory with the box, papers, two ten round Sig magazines and one piece ergonomic grips. Any trade would have to be for a weapon in excellent condition. Reliability is a top priority as this will be a duty weapon for me. I am not a federal licensed firearms dealer so a trade or sale would be a private transaction between two legal Oregon residents, FTF until our new Governor signs SB941. I will meet a buyer 1/2 way. I am 1 1/2 hours southwest of Roseburg.

    Sig lists my P227 with Siglite night sights for $1108.00. The new 36th edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values (page 1769) says my weapon is worth $875.00 plus $114.00 additional for the sights ($989.00). If no one has what I am looking to trade for I will sell my weapon for $850.00 cash. I would expect fair value for my weapon on a trade.

    I will respond to conversations as soon as I receive them.

    Thank you,
    Semper Fi
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