Oregon Ammo Stolen From Crater Lake National Park

On the news last night: Thousands of rounds of Ammo was stolen from the National Park Service at Crater Lake. A one thousand dollar reward is being offered for information. The information I want to know is why the National Park Service is hoarding thousands of rounds of ammo and what calibers was it? Was ammo all that was stolen? The Park Service claimed that it was for their law enforcement. This has to go back to the Obama administration. It seems kind of sinister to me. Ban guns and ammo from the populace and stock pile thousands of rounds of ammo in our National Parks?
If the only thing missing is ammo, then it's an inside job. Only an employee would know [or tip off a friends as to] which building had ammo, where it was located, and how it was secured. Back before I retired in 2006, they had at least seven LE officers at the park; maybe more now.

When I worked for BLM, law enforcement busted warehouse staff for stealing pistol ammunition. I guess the dufus warehouse guys never guessed law enforcement actually had an exact count on that stuff [9mm, 12 gauge, maybe .223]. At one time, BLM foresters used .22lr to shoot scions out of the top of trees that had the growth characteristics they were looking for. Never sounded safe to me, but I never heard of any accidents. With all the seedling development work in the 60's & 70's the need to collect wild stock probably brought that to a gradual end.
A friend of mine spent his law enforcement career with Customs and the old INS. He not only had to qualify regularly but also was required to shoot a minimum of 100 rounds per month on his own time. Met him at English Pit one time to watch him blast away with his MP5.

Since he did a lot of work undercover, he said the most likely defensive scenario would be within touching distance. And so most practice was drawing from concealment and firing two shots. He practiced with both hands, and with both the pistol and backup snubbie in an ankle holster.

One Sunday in 1985-86 he had to give an announcement in church, and kind of stumbled coming off the stage. I heard a thud and saw him bend down; he was smiling by the time he reached the back row where I was sitting. He told me later that his backup popped out and hit the floor, right in front of a row of Junior High boys. He bent down and and scooped it up in one motion, but said their eyes were big as saucers as he straightened up. He also said it was time to replace the ankle holster.
If you know of anyone with 10,000 rounds of rifle and pistol ammo in their possession, then you should call that tip line and anonymously report them to the authorities, so that they can be properly investigated.

Lance...... that would mean AT LEAST over half of us on this forum should be turned in.... ;)


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