I have a question on IF these ammo shortages are staged.

I have heard rumours about DHS buying 750million rounds of ammo. I have also heard numbers up to 4 billion rounds. Is this the first time in history that our government through DHS has purchased this amount of ammo? did something change and now DHS purchases for our military? Overall Is our governments ammo consumption staying the same or are these additional purchases above and beyond what the USA normally purchases.

What is our standing Army? are these practice rounds? does it only work out to 1k rounds per soldier or is 4 billion rounds really alot for the size of military we have? assuming these are for military and not for DHS

If they are above and beyond is it enough to tie up ammo production until after an assumed ban goes into effect? does that mean that the government has purchased this ammo with YOUR tax dollars so YOU could not buy any ammo?

these are all questions and i'd like other peoples thoughts on it because i dont have the answers that someone else on here might have
If it is indeed 4 billion rounds, that is so much ammo. For an entire company sized element, in an active war zone, we had somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 TOTAL pieces of ordinance. That's crew served ammo, grenades, AT4, everything.

Training ammo is so hard to get in theater. They want every piece of brass back too. That is so much...Even 1.6Bn rounds is just an enormous amount, and that's the number alex jones was throwing around...
Whatever politically driven "staged" events may have occured, the ammo shortage is not fake. If you have seen the photos of the lines at gun shows and ask yourself "What are these people buying?" you will know where all the ammo is. The last month of panic buying make the '08-09 shortage look like nothing. People know the delivery schedules at their local Bi-Mart and drive many miles to buy their 100 round allotment. In this case you may question the cause of the demand, but the reason 5.56 ammo is worth so much is simply supply and demand. Now that the demand has sucked up the supply, here we are. Kip.
Ok makes some sense, just read a couple articles on it. I dont think the original 750 million rounds of .40 cal ammo that was purchased is actually that big a number. Two things i forgot. The government gives ammo a shelf life and right before it reaches that shelf life the agencies blow through it. My sister was in the Marines and every year they went out and just her unit blew through tens of thousands of rounds that were about to reach their shelf life. Also DHS encompasses many different agencies including the Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA, Customs, Immigration, Secret Service etc. Each person has to train with their weapons every few months and there are tens of thousands of agents training probably several times a year.

That is not to say there isnt a shortage. Private gun owners are snapping up thousands of rounds each(i know i am) in anticipation of more regulations. So there really is a shortage but i'm not going to bet its because of our government ammo consumption just yet
I just heard that there were 2.1 million background checks for the purchase of firearms since Sandy Hook, multiply that times an average of what ever the amount of rounds a new firearm would require to defend yourself, I would start out with at least 100 rounds that is 210 millions rounds most probably bought more. Not to mention everyone topping off what ever they already had stock piled. No one even knows the number of ftf deals made.
I'm pretty sure the 400 million is for real, but the article i read a while back (which wasn't infowars or any other fear mongering group) was it was a bid for that much ammo over the course of X amount of years. The goverment never just buys things or services outright. They put in bids and when a deal is made, it plays out over a set time span. 400 million rounds might have been spread out over 6 years or something.
Just got back from Sportco and Wholesale Sports, no 9mm available. Many other calibers out and/or very limited stock. The gun counters were dead... suppose that's of little surprise given that the inventory of hardware is also low. This is certainly a far cry from the counters being 3 people deep for the past few months.

I think this is just a good reminder to all of us as to how quickly things can spiral out of control and why it matters who we elect into legislative positions. It's sad for me to have to say, but I really don't trust our government anymore...haven't for quite some time. To the extent either they or others are complicit in creating an ammo shortage, I don't know, but I suspect it's more like the result of AWB dialogue.
About 5 years ago when I was reloading heavily, you guys might have remembered when you couldn't find primers or ammo. The blame was laid on China buying up resources, the war was pulling in the was all complete bullbubblegum.

A person I knew told me their son worked at one of the Ammo manufacturers...they were on 3 day work weeks. Someone has been curtailing production for some time. Now ponder the imports...

Consider if we were Wolf from Russia or that outfit from Mexico...wouldn't we be ecstatic to supply the US consumer with high priced ammo?....yet you can't find that ammo either...because it's stopped at the border, not allowed in.

So yes, the production has been 'affected'.

The reality is that you can buy all the guns you want, but you won't have any ammo to shoot out of it, because it's not a second amendment protection to have ammunition, just have firearms. It's just an end run

No different by the way that if the black helicopters do come...your visa and debt cards stop working, there will be a humvee at the gas stations. Inside of 2 days everyone will be out of gas, food in a week, no ammo, and if they want, they can shut off power and water to communities of hold outs.

It wouldn't take long to pacify this country.

For the most part if you cut off internet and cable, most people will cave.
Well my father-in-law works in the sporting goods department at Wally world and he just passed on to me that he got a company memo stating that as of today all ammo shipments have been blocked to all stores and outlets. I asked him if it was due to back-order or if it was political, he said political.


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