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I'm a new guy in terms of guns and this forum as well.

Is it legal for me to buy ammo from a guy in Vancouver if I am in Portland? Not sure where he lives, but if he wanted to he meet up in WA for the transaction - is that OK?

If the answer to my question above is NO - then, hypothetically, assuming ammo seller is a WA resident, could I get into trouble by buying ammo from him even if he comes to OR and sells it to me here (I am an OR resident)?

I just want to make sure to play by the rules!
Ammo? Just ammo? People order ammo online from large dealers all of the time (Cabelas, aimsurplus, etc). To my knowledge (check yourself) there are no Federal Laws (yet) forbidding this. Your state/local laws may forbid it but to my knowledge neither Oregon nor Washington forbid this.

Easy way to check, call a dealer in the state you will be buying from (not your state) and ask them if they would be able to legally mail you ammo if you bought it online. :)


You are good to go for ammo only. No restrictions. A firearm is a no go. You would need to go through an FFL for a firearm, but not for ammo. Unless it is rocket propelled grenades.
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