Ammo for T/C Barrels or .22 rifle

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    Cleaned out closet of calibers I don't have or need anymore.

    1x brick of Remington .22 yellow Jacket had for years.
    1x 550 pk Remington golden bullet 10 years +/-

    1x winchester white box 40 S&W 100 pk
    1x American Eagle 40 S&W 50 pk

    1x white box russian 7.62 x 39 Hp 20 rds.

    3 x red & blue boxes 7.62 x 39 soft point hunting shells (60)
    trade 1:1, 357 magnum JHP or 30-30

    Also have 2 bricks of peters brown flying duck .22 LR shells
    www.Ammolady site says they are worth $10.00 per box ($100.00 per brick) as collectors. I think that is a bit much but am willing to trade them.

    Also have one generic brand Pistol scope ($20.00)

    1x "RUKO" japanese 2.5 x 20 pistol scope with very nice retical.

    Want Thomson Center Barrels 30/30, 223, etc..

    Also looking for .22 rifle in left hand or bottom eject or lever, pump.
    Prefer older SA winchester, browning, remington.
    PM me with your offer / phone number.

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