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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Tracer1951, Jun 24, 2013.

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    As some can see I'm from New England....NH actually...

    I join here because its a forum like one here on the East coast. (

    I like to keep up with what's happening nationally and yours site is one of the best!

    Just wondering if you all are seeing more ammo in stores out on the West coast.

    The local stores here seem to be getting in much more ammo and cals over the past month.

    Green tip, 9mm and even 22lr are getting easier to find.

    Prices are dropping but still above pre panic prices.

    Wal-Mart ammo shelves are still empty, shipments sent in are stripped empty in a few hours.

    Do you see any relief out there?

    I'm hoping the worst is over and we are getting back to normal in terms of supply and availability.

    ( Note...I didn't say anything about "normal" prices! )

  2. bubbazanetti


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    It is the same out here. The gun panic is over, IMHO. Prices should still drop as pull-forward demand is depressing current demand.

    Ammo is becoming available in the smaller, more nimble shops, where they can keep ammo (including .22) on the shelf. Prices are still up, but not unreasonable.

    Large retailers get ammo in, but it sells out in about an hour.
  3. rick benjamin

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    Opportunists are still stripping shelves, but at a slower rate.
    I bought a brick of CCI400 primers for $35 at Sportsman's Warehouse.
    BiMart distributes ammo evenly across all stores, but they don't know till it comes off the truck.
    Some powder is beginning to re-appear.
    I also appear in
    Fortunately, our laws aren't as burdensome as yours appear to be.
    We still own hi cap magazines without permit.
    Lots of us have Carry Concealed. folks are squeezed as much as the east coast.
    May require permits to buy ammo.
    Micro IDs

    Wonder if anyone making rules has any kind of brain...
    Anyway, welcome to the NW
  4. Tracer1951

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    Thanks for the kind welcome!

    Here in NH we are much better off than our "southern neighbors" (Mass, RI and CT)

    No ban on high cap mags, deadly black assault weapons or limits on ammo bought or stored and ammo can be mailed
    to our home.

    Right to carry easy to get.... no training class needed ... just go to local police department, fill out a simple form,
    pay $15 and come back in a week and get your permit to carry.

    "Live Free or Die" is our state motto! :flag:

    I hope to be able to add to the already great quality of this forum!
  5. Mikej

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    Holy COW, the gun violence rate MUST be off the charts there!!!!

    I reload, handgun only, and I sure wish some handgun powder would be available again. It's a real hit/miss kinda thing for primers. I lucked out Friday and found 800 Winchester SP at Sportsman's Warehouse, and handgun projectiles can be had. I've heard that long gun bullets are really tough to find.


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