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GI JEW 555

So went in to cabellas to get some arrows about an hour ago . Stoped by just to see if anything was on the shelf . Cabellas in Olympia had about 50 cases of 5.56 Price was 699 for 1000k. Kinda wandering if this is going to be the new normal now. They also had about 50 boxes of self defense 9mm. One box of 40,and 45 acp fmj sure it’s gone now. Two boxes of 45lc priced at 39.99a box of 50. 6 boxes of 168 grain Federal with the smk for if remember right about 34.99 a box. Probably 30 boxes of Winchester x 150 grain 308 a few other calibers and some shotgun ammo. No 30-30,243,260,270,or 6.5 but looks like stuff is coming in slowly. Wish I would have taken a picture .


Went there this morning at 9AM. Was able to pick up 2 boxes of HSM 45 Long Colt Cowboy for $42.99 each. They had lots of other on a rolling rack with a salesperson watching. Thanks for the heads up!
PS. 2 bags of burnt peanuts too!!!!
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