Americans blame bad parenting, Hollywood for mass shootings over guns

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Caveman Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

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    "he NRA, despite being targeted by the media and the administration, was found to be more popular than the entertainment industry." Wow! that was a surprise! :)

    "Bullet to the head of the NRA" game, the quintessential oxymoron and example of hypocrisy!

    I reviewed the HART/McINTURFF poll results, and they are interesting. If you are not careful, one might reach the conclusion that more people want to ask BHO and Congress for more gun control, than the ones who don't want it. Problem is, the answers from those opposed are watered down by responses such as Obama should "Quit" or "Get back to the Constitution" (both Obama and Congress), in which case, would take care of our gun rights.
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    The thing I find interestin is the number of people that admit to having a firearm in the house. It was 44% in 1999 and 41% in 2013????? You really think I believe that number?

    I think maybe they need one more question...were there any questions on this survey that you did not answer truthfully?

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