American Police Force in Hardin, MT unraveling

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by clearconscience, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. clearconscience

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    So I was looking into this crazy/scary article about the American Police Force taking over the Montana jail that is sitting empty.

    This whole thing is crazy and frankly scares me, but here's a couple links that are interesting.

    And the APF's webpage was taken down and replaced with the and called the American Private Police Force.

    It sounds like a way to defraud the city of money. I wish I had the time and resources to investigate this.

    What do you think?
  2. slideguitar55


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    Quote: " What do you think?"

    In Light of the fact that i personally am a Man without a Country,,, i really do not care what is done in or to this country.

    Second, with Criminals Like Eric Prince of Blackwater receiving Government contracts from V.P. Cheny while Cheny was in the Whitehouse,,,,
    I mean,, com'on, is anything Sacred in this country?
    Blackwater is a Private ARMY, which also supplies
    security for the movers and shakers of the Elite Neo-Cons
    Like Cheny/Bush and the rest of their CLUB Members.

    My Family came here and founded Jamestown.
    They came here to escape the GREED ,CORRUPTION, and the Heinous RELIGIONS of their Homeland England.

    Ironic is the fact that they brought the seed with them for
    the same type of " GREED, CORRUPTION and HEINOUS RELIGION" that they were under the delusion they had left behind in England.

    The Europeans that came across the Atlantic brought their own Private ARMY and Police force and murdered off
    and imprisoned an entire Continent of Indigenous People.

    We at the Moment are engaged in the Invasion and Murder of People
    in Iraq/ Afghanistan and other countries due to the Neo-Cons Corrupt Machinations and Private Industrial
    deals committed behind closed doors in Washington D.C..

    What do i think?:laugh:

    Personally i think we over fed a Monster, it has become over-bloated and is on the brink of imploding.

    Rome fell from the same Corrupt greedy and Murderous Habits,,,,
    This too shall fall, and i for one, believe that to be a very good Thing.

    I know this from History,,,, every once in a while, it is very healthy to KICK the Wolves off the Carcass,,,and,,,
    Give the Buzzards a chance at it"

    Also, as Alexander the Great, as with Russia,, and others
    Afghanistan is a no win situation.

    As with the Crusades which were just like the now, a Religious WAR,,, this too will end in the same result.
    A waste of Life, due to GREED,, in the name of GODS that no one can prove ever gave them permission to MURDER others.

    Whether Right Wing Radical Christian Blood Atonement Cultist Like the Neo_Cons,,,, or Islamo_Fascist,,,,
    The evidence points to them being of the same consciousness and desires.

    Both use Violence to get their desired results.

    Private Cops? could they be any worse then the ones we pay taxes to have protect us?
  3. Buddhalux

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    Wear a tin foil hat much?
  4. slideguitar55


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    that tin foil hat crap is old hat man, think up something new if you can.
    Innovate a brand new disrespect Budd.

    Try to THINK of something from your own MIND.

    That is what THINKING people do Budd, they THINK for themselves, They create NEW thoughts, they at times even get it right.

    Tin foil? Hat?
    Scaler Waves?

    Look man, here is a song you can listen to.

    Same Old Wine
    By loggins and Messina
    Look it up on youtube Budd
    Give the Lyrics a distinct listen.

    As well Budd
    I can direct you to my thread: The power of Nightmares

    However Budd, before you can catch the gestalt of either

    You will have to attempt to disengage from all the Programming you underwent in the Public school system.

    You will have to believe truth one day, and perhaps that truth will not catch you by surprise if you start paying attention NOW!

    Understand this one thing Budd
    The America you are trying to save, has been dead since the Civil War when Industrialist under Johnson found it an easy game to suck up the land and resources.

    It is an abhorrent thought to me how much of the population of this world are so blind they cannot accept reality at face value.

    You can preach, you can Pledge allegiance, you can stomp your feet,,,
    You can call me and other people insane and Tin Foil hat candidates,,,,,,

    But you will have to understand as the Germans did at the end of WWII, your world and what you wanted it to be is DEAD, it is over,
    a change was way over due
    and Old Line hard liners never like change man
    I know that, and i have some sympathy for you people.

    However i sure as heck do not support your dead idea's and system.

    BTW,,,, Obama ain't the change i refer to either
    He, like all before him is owned as well, and being the Puppet, he too must Dance on the string as it is pulled.

    The song up there was written during the Nam Conflict
    it is as succinct today as back then,,,, for it really is a matter of the same old wine in a brand new bottle.

    Wave that Flag man
    wave it high and long.

    What it stood for in the beginning, no longer exist.

    You and all Vets have been sold out my boy.

    Study the Bonus Army from WW ONE and see how vets were treated back in the '30's of last century.

    Yeah, get me a Uniform and sent me off to war
    so Corporations can make their stock holders a lot of War Bucks.
    and when i come home crippled blind and crazy or in a box,,,,
    I can find a cardboard box in an alley to live in,,,,,
    while the Corporations give Illegals my Job and rent them a house i need.

    Tin Foil Budd
    How many stations can i get with one of those Hats Budd?

    Do you think i could pull in Glen Beck for my daily does of HATE and WAR?

    Beat that Dead Horse democracy Budd
    While we shove it down the throats of Iraqi's and Afghani's.

    It's dead man,,,,
    cannot you tell?

    Look at your Gun Laws
    It's a dead horse man and you cannot get it back on it's feet.
    So, go pay the IRS some of your cash
    Donate a Son to a War
    Preach that Old Time religion

    do something to support a dead horse Budd.

    But when the Truth takes you by surprise,,,
    do not rely on any Tin Foil Hat to save you Budd.

    One world order?
    Two world Order?
    3rd world order?

    It makes no matter Budd
    whatever order,,,, the U.S. is out of order.

    So sit and type your snide remarks while imminent domain wrings it's hands to get your land.

    Man wake UP!
    or just go on sleeping.

    For me Budd, i have no cares whatsoever about what happens on this planet

    it too has been raped to death.

    " here's to Planet Earth and what's left of her trees
    here's to planet earth and what's left of her sea's

    Here's to Detroit Chrome bumpers
    setting on a dock in Japan
    waiting to be made into Toyotas and sent back here
    for you to drive
    the whole while,,, people in Detroit are lining up
    for " The Obama Money for free"

    Yeah Budd
    send me two of those tin foil hats,
    Holloween is right around the corner and me and my Puppy can use the disguise man.

    Take care budd
    Try not to take the world too seriously though,,,
    because, truth is,,,,
    the world does not take you seriously
  5. gunnails

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    God Bless America, the land that I love.

    Stand beside her and Guide her,

    through the night with the light from above.
  6. svxr8dr

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    Sail on, oh Ship of State. Sail on, oh Union, strong and great. Humanity, with all it’s fears, with all the hopes of future years, is hanging, breathless, on thy fate.
  7. Randini


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    Sorry I just dont get it.....wait
    Ok now I get it:)
  8. Mutoman

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    Uh...I think there is medication for that.
  9. clearconscience

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    Although I couldn't agree more with some of what Slideguitar55 has stated, I back our LEOs and our Troops.

    I believe very deeply in what our flag stands for and what this country was built on. I do believe the country we live in today is a far cry from the one our forfathers created.
    My Dad worked for the "agency" and now he's one of those old guys wearing tn foil hats and I can't even hold a conversation with him without him talking about aliens and the new world order....Blah, blah, blah. He sits in his house and is just waiting to die. I think eventually we will be facing the fall of this country and it will be because of the people who run it. And I think it will be a good thing for this country, However, it will be taken over by the scum that is consuming it now (Madmax)
    We have scary times ahead and it may even last until the next generation.
    All we can do is be prepared for anything, and be ready to get out of dodge.
  10. Buddhalux

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    Sorry to bust your bubble there Mr. Paranoid. I don't wear a tin foil hate nor do I take the medications that it appears that you forgot. My tac vest and weapons are all loaded up in case the SHTF or our government tries to do something unconstitutional. I will defend mine till my last breath. I spent 7 yrs on active duty defending this country only to watch it die and become something that I'm not proud of at all. I'm hoping to move to the Republic of Texas using political assylum once they've had enough and break away.
  11. Randini


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    Ok tin foil hat thing aside, private police forces are being used today and they could end up being scary like what if they were exempt from being sued by some loop hole or a national security clause let them take your weapon. The only thing is, is there any organized way to fight them.
  12. pdxjohann

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    Randini, contractors, aka mercenaries, soldiers at 5 times pay, privateers, private armies/police but, I repeat, they all are worrisome. Remember that sinking feeling when the trial balloon in opinion winds asked about a National ID card? Look at your driver license. No hats needed from this storm. Better your wit.

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