*American*Martin DX-1 Dreadnought+Acessories

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    I have an american made MARTIN DX-1 Dreadnought Acoustic guitar that i am looking to sell or trade. You can't get one like this anymore, it is one of the last of the American made Martins and it will only go up in value. It is in great condition and comes in a genuine martin hardcase. It also comes with a DAN Electro FISH n Chips pedal, and Dean Markley pickups. The guitar by itself is worth $500 and i am only looking for FIREARMS in trade.
    Looking to trade for: any nice semi auto pistols (Glock, Sig, Beretta, 1911, XDm, Taurus+cash, Ruger+cash, ETC)or double action revolvers , preferrably a colt or s&w-( also interested in ruger gp100,SP101 or REDHAWK, Taurus+cash), Also interested in semi auto battle rifles and assualt weapons, Saiga 12 gauge (Preferrably pistol grip stock), Intratec DC-9 or KG-99 [TEC 9], Mac 10 or Mac 11 (+cash depending on acessories and make), Winchester Model 70, AR-22 (ArchAngel 10/22 or Charger, S&W M&P-22,COLT/Umarex AR22, Sig 522, Ruger SR-22), GSG 5p/GSG5pK/GSG5 Titanium or other Special edition, Marlin 45-70 Lever Action
    If you gun is less in value than the guitar accessories and ammo will be appreciated
    $525 OBO Cash Price if you want to buy it outright
    Gimme a call at 206 909 8082 if interested
    Email pics of trade offers to Davidthepirate@gmail.com

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