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    Metro Arms - American Classic II
    Went to range and ran my ACII. 50 rounds without a burp.
    Peeps were impressed by the "bells and whisles" on the gun. Best group at 30 feet was 5 shots in 1 1/2 inch about 2 inches off center at 9 o;clock..
    Several comments on the value when they learned what I paid for it. All very positive on the price and quality.
    Only one negative comment was on the grips (checkered wood) kind of blah looking, but since I am already planning to change them, no worries.

    I field stripped, cleaned and oiled the gun last night which wasn't needed as it looks like the shop had done it already, but I always do it myself to be sure, I run new guns a little wet when breaking in.

    It has a nice lite feel to it. Well balanced easy handling. good sights. Handles 230 gr FMJ WWB, like it was nothing. Gun is so smooth I can't even tell you about the recoil.

    Tomorrow I am off to shoot the rest of the WWB from a bench rest to check the sights, and run some defensive rounds through it.

    Overall score
    Price +10
    Quality + 9
    Handling +10
    Appearance +9 (grips are why only 9)

    Overall great gun out of the box

    Pics are coming

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