AME Shallen cx rims w/tires

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    These are not the typical rims that is found on most cars you see on the road.

    Fronts are 18x9 +18 offset high disc wrapped in federal 215/40/18
    Rears are 18x10 +23 offset low disc wrapped in federal 225/45/18

    Bolt pattern is 5x114.3

    Rims are almost in mint condition, rims/tires has no more than 600 miles on them.

    No picture of actual rims yet, but this is what they look like. !! Picture is for reference only !!

    Grey 350z with the AME rims

    <<< WORK | Meister S1 \ AME | Shallen CX >>>> FLUSH/Mild vs Wild - G35Driver

    Trade value $2700 (Rims alone were $650 each)

    Item(s) wanted: Quality firearm(s) plus cash

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