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For sale, I have an AMD-65 built by NODAK SPUD and a 1953 dated M1 grand made by HRA.

A nice rifle. Wire stock wasn't an issue for me; it is a smooth shooter. Dust cover and muzzle device serials do not match, but the rest of the numbers I've found do. It comes with 8 mags in 2 mag pouches, one mag is a new Korean, and the rest are Polish I think but will include pictures of those as well. The only potential issue I've ever noticed on the AMD is there doesn't seem to be a muzzle retention/spring-loaded piece like on other AKs I've handled, so the muzzle device can easily be moved around, it does not do so on its own and has never done so for me while firing, but can be easily twisted on and off by hand. I am only selling this because as much as I want to be, I'm just not much of an AK guy I still like my AR a lot. The asking price on the AMD-65 is $1200.

Please PM me with any offers or questions.

Cash is preferred, but my trade interests include the following:
Eotech Hybrid system; I specifically want a G45 or G33 magnifier paired with an EXPS3.
PVS-14, if so I could add cash or have other Milsurps including M44 Mosin, type 'i" Arisaka, typical refurb Mosin, or maybe something else depending on value.
5.56 nato ammo
7.62 nato ammo
A nice 1886 Lebel
If you have something else feel free to make an offer, the worst I'll do is say no thanks.

image_50383873.JPG image_67175425.JPG image_67185153.JPG image_67186945.JPG image_67206401.JPG image_67233281.JPG image_67222785.JPG image_67210497.JPG

HRA M1 Garand
Made in 1953, it is a nice rifle with an IHC op rod; SA bolt & barrel; while the trigger is a mix of SA and WRA. There is some pitting on the handle of the op rod, as shown in the picture, but that is the worst of it with some very minor spots in the trigger group. A nice rifle that shoots well, I had planned to keep this for myself, but I want to free up some funds and pay down some debt. Will come with some extra clips and clips loaded with HXP ammo. The asking price is $1,000.
image_50396417.JPG image_6487327 (2).JPG image_6487327 (5).JPG image_123986672 (3).JPG image_123986672 (2).JPG image_123986672 (4).JPG image_6487327 (3).JPG image_6487327 (4).JPG
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I've got some older guns and milsurps if any of that is of interest to you for the AMD. A Loewe Berlin M95 Chilean Mauser carbine, ~1900 H&R top break .32 revolver, ~1950 Colt Trooper, ~1910-1920 Cold New Police Special, a project EMF Hartford .45lc levergun, and a few other things I'd be willing to let go. Let me know if anything sounds interesting, thanks!
Other trade interests would include K98s, G98s, or other mausers, old .22 rifles, FAL mags, FAL rifles or parts kits, potentially a PTR or Cetme-C. Along with 12ga shotguns like Mossberg 500 series or Remington 870s.

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