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That custom wood gun cabinet is flipping awesome!

Re the gallow hanging rack system mentioned in the article costs $700+ but if you have a secure room why can't u just use ordinary utility hangers? The hangers would have to have rubber grip tape on them or plasti-dip, etc to keep them from marring.
Gallow description from the article:
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I was trying to figure out what to do with that area under the stairs where I used to keep my kids..

I was contemplating removing my safe and building a rack system. id be loosing my 30 minutes of Fire rating, but would be gaining more room for... more guns...
I was going to do the same thing. I have a large area in my garage under my stairs. I got expanded metal and was going to pull off the sheet rock and bolt the expanded metal to the studs then brick over it with refectory brick and weld some metal door jambs then have a vault door built. I would top it all off with a nice sliding book shelf to hide the door. Would have been great.....then I decided to turn the area into my multimedia/telecom room instead and I bought a safe....
If fire resistance is all your looking for, standard 5/8" fire rated sheetrock is rated for 1 hour. A double layer is often used between homes in townhouses to help prevent fire transfer. It's not secure but if your simply going for a gun room space it would do. Some of the safes use it inside their steel box to get their fire rating.
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A timely thread indeed.
We are preparing for a large home addition.
We are adding a hidden gun cabinet inside a wall behind Murphy style French doors.
Gallow Industries modular steel, powder coated cabinet. 72'h x 42"w x 15"d.

I want to set the cabinet ontop of a 24"h base with a shelf for miscellaneous storage, ammo cans etc.

I have a question about fireproofing.
Others mentioned using Sheet rock as a fire retardant.
I'm thinking of installing Hardi Board / cement board to my interior wall's surrounding the cabinet.

I love secureit systems stuff, but the shipping is crazy. Well, the prices are a bit high all around, but I like their systems. I would buy it isfI could drive up and pick it up.

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