ALOSTYR Rail system for Armalite

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    And, I guess, most any other AR rifle-length system. Mounted, took to the range, didn't like, so off it goes.

    From the Armalite website:

    No special fitting required! This fully machined aluminum handguard system has four Picatinny rails and replaces the handguards on rifles using the full length gas system without requiring the removal of the Delta Ring. ArmaLite's non-free float handguard is a two piece unit which means you get the best of both worlds; a solid platform for mounting lights and other accessories with no disassembly of your rifle. Just replace the handguards and you're ready to go! Also includes 3 rail covers. ArmaLites work on both .223 and .308 rifles. Make sure to check out Tech Note 81 for Installation of the ArmaLite 1913 Handguard Kits.

    Overall Length: 12" Weight: 1.05 lbs

    MSRP: $150.00 EA
    Includes two sets of Armalite rail covers.

    Tossing it up here before it goes onto ebay. $120, shipped in CONUS. Will consider trade for equivalent value in:

    Junk silver coinage
    AR15 PMags
    S&W 5906 or 4506 mags (OEM or MecGar)
    1911 mags (Wilson or MecGar)


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