FREE OR Almost Free---12ga Hulls---Seeking Donation for Boy Scouts

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by ajgunner, May 7, 2016.

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    I have about 2, 5 gallon buckets full of shot gun hulls. Most are 12ga and low base. Some are sorted but most are loose in a couple of boxes. These are from our Boy Scouts shooting trap and all are once fired factory hulls. All are pretty much clean (not stomped into the mud), and dry. I also have a handful of empty boxes (I saved the type that fold flat). Looking for a donation of either some cheap 12ga shells or 22 ammo, for our Troops up coming shoot. First one to contact me to make arrangements to come out to Molalla and pick them up with some type of trade donation will get them.
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