*All SOLD or SPF* Attn: Garand Owners - Greek M2 Ball w/ Clips and Bandoliers

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    CMP-sourced Greek HXP .30-06 M2 Ball with clips and bandoliers. The CMP is out of this ammo with no backorder, so get it while you can. Each can is unopened and contains 192 rounds of brass cased M2 .30-06 FMJ, 24 8-round Garand clips and 4 bandoliers. The cans that I opened previously had good clean ammo in them, much nicer than the dirty Lake City that CMP is selling, so I expect this ammo to be in the same good condition.

    $150 per can, meet in Scappoose near Fred Meyer. This is a decent price, just a few bucks more than what CMP was selling them for, including shipping, when they ran out in 2011. Two are sold, two are SPF

    PM is the best way to get ahold of me, and I will sell these in the order of receipt of PM confirmation.

    Thank you for looking.

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