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    Doing some fall cleaning, trying to raise funds to finish a couple projects. All prices are OBO, I will ship for additional and I will make package deals.

    Sorry the pics are out of order!

    Open to many trades, just ask or offer! Ammo, US made MOLLE gear/pouches in black, RG, OD and tan, AR parts, knives...

    Holsters -
    - Uncle Mike’s size 4, large revolver shoulder holster $10
    - Uncle Mike’s Size 1, small pocket holster $5
    - Scoped revolver holster, fit 6” GP100, USA made $10
    - Kydex OWB for Glock 17 $10
    - Allen size 04, fits LCP and others like it, new $5
    - Blue Force Gear Ultracomp pocket holster, fits Glock 43, new $20
    - HKS large double speed loader pouch $5
    - Galco garter for ankle holster $10 SOLD

    Gloves -
    - Smith and Wesson M&P gloves, basically new, size L $10
    - Outdoor Reaearch Piledriver gloves, size XL, basically new $50

    Pouches -
    - Tactical Tailor, new, woodland camo, I have the following -
    •large medical pouch $20
    •triple pistol mag pouch $25
    •small pouch $5
    •double stack dual AR mag pouch $15
    - ESSTAC small flashlight pouch, new, tan $10
    - LBT large medical pouch, black, new - $15
    - Jones Tactical medical shear pouches, 3 coyote tan, 1 foliage green, all new, $10ea

    Bags -
    - Hazard 4 MOD laptop/briefcase/messenger bag, new but a little dusty from being in the garage, black $70

    - Custom made bag with shoulder strap, inside is MOLLE and elastic loops to adapt to your needs, OD green, new, $15

    Misc. -
    - Impact Sport ear muffs, good condition, $25

    - AK47 Underfolder canvas drop bag, I think it’s Russian but can’t make out the stamp $30

    - Kifaru Military pull out $25 SOLD

    242F0B38-F26A-4CE5-869D-4F6260BA41DC.jpeg A6FCC2A6-EAAA-4A83-8113-A4956ADD0473.jpeg 051D93BC-3DA5-406C-B55C-A63A41DA772B.jpeg 056A1C58-4710-492D-B0E1-845693140164.jpeg C4079116-C14B-4FF0-9645-B0F438959BCA.jpeg E3033213-FEB8-4723-BD8F-2B30DA59A3BA.jpeg E54B33E9-02B9-4DF5-9625-4BC54775CE0E.jpeg 5CE6D0AD-0E56-4090-B69A-9698CF186E6C.jpeg AC683E03-2233-407C-85EC-0258E1DB54C7.jpeg D7D1F245-BC6F-4022-B9EF-E7A3665424CD.jpeg AEE28077-7865-4628-BC19-68AF1C253EAD.jpeg 6AAF2885-2307-42B2-84C4-37B65755504B.jpeg 997E5F9A-EBF7-41FD-9774-F6F396FE31F3.jpeg 52748BEF-A967-44AE-A5A5-D912A258B9B3.jpeg C39BEA12-9D33-4C2E-A4C3-F967655ECC31.jpeg 53241D55-E38C-46A7-9796-2970F6AAB5EF.jpeg A15C3BC8-AA3D-47F9-8107-72B227736C5F.jpeg D4C950F8-837D-4AD3-B4AE-A853475AA138.jpeg FF056E2A-E382-451A-81EA-C46BC462611E.jpeg 2D9E8E2A-FA50-4CE1-83B6-5735E9750B58.jpeg 12C153A6-EFBB-43EB-988B-1014FF2DC056.jpeg F618A30C-571B-400E-B275-BBF99258E156.jpeg
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    Finish projects??

    That's just crazy talk! :eek:
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    I'll take this: - Galco garter for ankle holster $10, PM sent for address.

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