Just traded off my .270 Winchester, so I no longer need this stuff. Here's what I got:

Bullets, All .277" for .270 Winchester:
575 Nosler 130gr Ballistic Tips
50 Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tips
50+ 90gr Sierra HP

About 230 pcs of Winchester .270 Win. brass. 50 pcs are new in bag, another ~ 50 are virgin, some primed, some loaded with 130gr NBT (60gr H4831sc).


About 2.5# of H4831sc


540 - Winchester WLR Primers
830 - CCI Large Rifle Primers
1,000 - Federal No.155 Magnum Large Pistol Primers

Die Set:

1 - RCBS Full Length .270 Winchester Die Set (practically new, had only used it on new brass).

Looking to sell as a complete set. Come pick it up in Beaverton/Hillsboro.


Open to trades: I've got a pair of 1911's to feed and holster, so that's where my interest lays. :s0155:

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