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    Hello there NWFA!

    So theres a little story behind buying these, a money losing one on my part haha.

    I ordered one for myself and one as a gift almost a year ago.

    I had ordered the CW9 as RH and the XDm as LH as I was under the impression that was the correct orientation for the person I was gifting the holster to. Alien Gear orders can take 6 weeks or more to ship so upon learning that it was not the correct holster two weeks into my order, I contacted AG asking if it would be possible to change the XDm holster from LH to RH and that if it was too late, I understood their position as it was my error.

    I never heard back from AG and at around the 6 week mark, I received an e-mail that my order had shipped. Upon delivery they had shipped two LH holsters frown.png even though the invoice still said 1 RH and 1 LH. I guess they got my message but something was lost in translation, and they never confirmed. Anyway, I had planned on contacting them to try and fix my order but with life, the daunting order wait time, and how AG's communication is (from personal & other reviews), I just never got around to calling them and eventually felt I had let too much time pass to be fair to them.

    They are awesome an holster and I actually eventually paid and waited an additional 6+ weeks to get another set. Hard to beat their prices with the quality they turn out.

    So, these are brand-new, never-worn, never-holstered, holsters cool.png . I have held them, but that's all.

    They will come just as they would from AG, including the holster, extra/optional parts bag, and AG sticker. They are both tan w/ the standard black steel clips.
    Also, the first one sold will include the original pamphlet shipped with the holsters, they only shipped one so I will photocopy it for the second one sold.

    Im not trying to make any money here, just trying to recoup some of it. That said, I'm fairly firm on $30 Shipped/$25 Picked-up USPS/UPS standard (whichever is cheaper.) Can ship faster, or your carrier of choice on your dime. I would do $55 shipped/$50 Picked-up for the both of them if someone was so inclined. Basically you will be getting the holster(s) without the 6+ week wait, with free shipping. I feel these are fair prices based on the wait/condition. I paid $35 each shipped and waited almost 2 months to get them. Cash (in person) or PayPal only please. First "I'll take the XXX holster" gets priority then it will move to the next, and so on. I will ship within 48 business hours of receiving payment, probably faster but life does happen.

    I have these listed on another board and will update accordingly.

    I am located in Eugene, Corvallis, and anywhere in between on I-5.

    Edit: I see now they charge more for the steel clips and nylon comes as standard. Guess thats a plus haha.

    If you're still with me I thank you for reading my add! Have a great one!

    On to the pics,

    XDm 3.8:
    Original Invoice:
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