Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel

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    No interest back into the safe thanks

    Factory rifle, 24" barrel 600 + yard 1" moa.
    about 500 rounds down the tube
    I bought this for 1000 yard paper killing, It is the most accurate rifle I own, it will out shoot me by far
    I have over $1000.00 in accessories alone including a Geissele 2 stage trigger, CCS adjustable stock and bells and whistles,. extra mags I am asking $1700.00
    I am not interested in trades, dont really "need" to sell it, but I dont shoot it much, I have sort of taken to
    7mm rem mag I am wanting to buy a new 7MM Allen Mag

    OH the scope and mounts are NOT included,

    6.5 grendel .jpg
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