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We have confirmed this bug and we are working on a fix.


Further update, it would appear the individual "mark read" options work, you have to mark each on individually, as the the "Mark read" that aligns with all notifications doesn't have the same impacts.
I'm not sure if I should start a new one on this or post it here - my Alerts have been all sorts of jack up since I came back a few weeks ago. If I use the drop-down from the upper right of the site, and hit "mark read" it acts like it marked them all read but then when I move away and come back all the same alerts are still there and marked unread.

What is really strange is that SOME of the current/recent ones will actually go away, but anything from about 9/2/21 and back persist unless I physically hit "mark read" on each one individually. Opening the "view all" page and marking them there has no effect either.

EDIT - to clarify, it appears that CURRENT alerts (post 9/2/21) are working as expected. But I've got over 20 pages of UNREAD reports dating between 9/2/21 and 8/15/21 that will not clear and show as read unless I click each. one. individually...
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