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Come on Dave! you can't leave us hanging like that.

My guess is that the rush is over from the last one and things are leveling out.

I was thinking the same thing. Dave do you mean applications? Or are they saying as people's permit expires they are not renewing? If it 's applications I can easily see why. Same reason there was a sudden glut in the gun market. Election.
Stunner: WA Loses 11K Carry Licenses in Past 4 Months

In a remarkable reversal of a trend in progress for more than four years, the number of active concealed pistol licenses in Washington State has dropped by 11,000 over the past four months, a fact that might be alarming to gun rights groups, but may also suggest a return of lethargy in the firearms community.

Stunner: WA Loses 11K Carry Licenses in Past 4 Months - Liberty Park Press

Interesting factoid. Who knows what the real reasons are but I'd imagine the Seattle-types will spin it as a positive. Fewer people carrying guns always means much more safety for everybody (he says sarcastically).

BTW... There's a typo in the 6th paragraph of your story, "...states have right-to-gear-arms provisions..." Everyone's a critic. :)
I don't think this can be measure like firearms purchases, there is a certain mind set to CC, probably one we are all oblivious to because we have all done it along time.

Locally here after UCC, gun sales slumped for a month or so was it because of the shooting or that our little town was having other things on our minds.

Unemployment is down in most western states, could be people are not as worried and therefore are more at ease about the need to CC?

Could be most of the would get CC types is slowing down, as this only accounts for new and not renews ?
How many years is the Wa permit good for? If most people that want them have them the next few years would level out or drop until renewal time.

I'm an Oregon resident and permit holder. I don't care what other "low information voters" do (taken from leftist media about others). Like the line from the movie Airplane. "Chump don't want the help. Chump don't get the help". It can't be any simpler. You have the right to protect yourself. Use it.
Based on how WA's taxes have drastically increased those 11,000 moved to Idaho for lower taxes & Constitutional Carry...Yes all 11,000 told me.
They don't send out in Oregon either its on you to check from time to time.

Not true at all. I received a notice in the mail about a month before it was to expire. The letter indicated to either call or go online to make a renewal appointment.

I just renewed it last Monday. :)
They only want your money. All 50 states should be Constitutional Carry...but I digress.

I disagree. The money is negligible. And I think that taking a handgun safety course (required for OR CHL) is a good thing. Just saying all people should be allowed to carry no matter what leaves it open to people who have no business carrying a gun. National Reciprocity, without national registration is a completely different story though. ;)
They don't send out in Oregon either its on you to check from time to time.
??? ???
Washington County does. I have received many over the years. I got my last notice in a nice letter this January and just renewed it a couple weeks ago. Took 18 minutes.
Thank you Sherriff Pat Garrett.

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