I haven't kept up at all on the whole thing, but does it even matter? If an actor was told and believed it was a cold gun and he pulled the trigger or not, it wouldn't constitute willfull discharge of a firearm or intent to murder... would it?
Uhh he was one of the trained and paid techs for guns on his own set....Besides he wouldn't have slipped a live round in the gun would he? Lots of fishy stuff going on set .
I think there might be a resurgence of interest


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There is never a time when it is allowed to point a real firearm at another person on any film set(even using blanks). Ever since Brandon Lee was killed, rules have been tightened in the industry.
The only "rules" i have found are the following and they really are not "tightened" in any way, are pretty loose and appear as suggestions, or rather "advice" "refrain from.." I'm guessing the last "suggestion" definitely was not followed.

But even then, there isn't one definitive set of procedures and protocols.
Perhaps the closest to a list of suggested rules is that published by the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee.
Its advice includes:
  • Blanks can kill. Treat all firearms as though they are loaded
  • Refrain from pointing a firearm at yourself or anyone else
  • Never place your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to shoot
  • Anyone involved in using a firearm must be thoroughly briefed at an on-set safety meeting
  • Only a qualified person should load a firearm
  • Protective shields, eye and hearing protection should be used by anyone in close proximity or the line of fire
  • Any actor who is required to stand near the line of fire should be allowed to witness the loading of the firearms

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