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Many of us who USED to own (My MT husband, me and a few others.) or may still own single action revolvers were never in an official SASS or another cowboy shooting group.

I was thinking about joining SASS and even wrote to them about a name that I was going to use many, many moons ago.

I bought my FIRST s/a revolver long before I even knew about the SASS name. It did not take me long to find out about the groups though. I saw that NIB - New Model RUGER BLACKHAWK in 45long colt and FELL IN LOVE with it at my old former gun store back east. LOL Sold!

My former Sportsman's Club, back east, used to host and still hosts various groups at their range/club. They have many in state and out of state people come to their cowboy shoots and other shooting events.

I never participated in an official cowboy shoot (I never joined SASS.) but I did a LOT of shooting using s/a revolvers back east and out here.

I did participate in a HIGH POWER SHOOT back in the late 90's or early 2000 (?).

I CRS on the EXACT date now at my old club back there. One of the Nam Vets who was my late husband's age but in a different branch of the military who was a friend of mine lent me his rifle and other men helped me - showed me how it worked and stayed by my side so I could shoot at that freezing cold event. He and the other guys begged me to come to that event since they wanted more ladies into the sport even though I did not own or shoot guns like many of them owned. They saw me shoot a LOT and they always encouraged me like a few of my other close friends and my late husband.

I still absolutely ADORE many styles of firearms including handguns even if I no longer own handguns.

Many of us just LOVED the single action revolvers due to how they worked, shot, looked since most of them are so BEAUTIFUL and we loved the historical aspect of the s/a revolver.

I think that SASS requires s/a revolver, a shotgun and a CF lever action rifle.

I have never owned a shotgun and only shot a few of them in my entire life.

I never owned a CF lever action rifle back east. I only owned a Browning BL 22, a Winchester 94-22 and a Marlin Papoose with the blue carry case back east when it came to rifles. All 22lr rifles. I did own several RF and CF handguns.

I never owned a CF rifle until I moved out west. Former lever action rifles.

Last Edited:
The spin machine has been spun up and any semblance of justice will not be served. But the elite will once again walk away free and laughing at rubes like us.
THIS IS SO TRUE and what I fear is going to happen with AB.

In the middle of the night here, they showed another 'clip' about him on the OTA - free boob tube. I had it on while I was reading more online and typing on this forum.

AB is really laying it on THICK with or without his lawyer's approval or what they WANT him to say just to cause more CONFUSION.

I would say more but it would get political so I will just shut up now.



Local story on Fascist Daily News (abc) tried to put all the blame on the prop master and never gave a hint that Balwin has any responsibility in what happened (surprise, surprise) We simply can't go against our celebrity royalty can we... :rolleyes:
Because it is industry standard practice according to several independent sources. According to them, EVERYBODY that handles the gun checks it. It's even written in the union guidance.

Lest we think this would be hard to check in a period firearm w/o looking down the barrel, that wouldn't do much good with dummy rounds anyway. With dummy rds, the primer is supposed to be punched. So the Pietta could easily have been last user checked by going to half cock, opening the loading gate, and rotating thru the cylinder looking for live primers. Easy peasy. But NOOOOOooooo, the GodAlmight AB is too big for that... HE relies on the peons he pays to give him a "cold" gun.

He's a plick.

And a killer.
Please copy and paste these "so called" independent resources please
When I heard there was going to be an interview for TV, I thought, "What a dumbass". That's the last thing he should be doing.
Then I remembered he's a narcissist, a hot head and wealthy. Not likely that he could shut up and act intelligently. Nope, he's an actor. That's what he does, act.
He's going to open his mouth and stuff his foot squarely in it.
I hope he goes to jail and I pray that the civil suits decimate him financially.

ps. AB's comment about not pulling the trigger? I couldn't believe he said that. Absolutely, I was dumbfounded.
Yes he did. I happened on that clip on YT about an hour ago.

Pretty much 'debunks' ABs 'didn't pull the trigger' story.
AB's only out is if there is some major issue with sear or the half-cock notch. If those things are good, his finger was on the trigger (although really, this is only important for the muggles -- it is indisputable he put a bullet into that lady meaning he both aimed at her, and did so with a gun he did not check -- that's enough in my book).


It was the first one that I read recently. As I mentioned, there is a history here with Cate's posts.

Please be kind to Cate ya'll!!!
Kind of struggling to understand why this is such a difficult thing?

Quoting probably all of our mothers at one time or another, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. “.


I take no offense and people can put me on IGNORE or scan by and not READ what I write on here or on other places.

The original man in this thread who mentioned my SHOUTING - LOL, if my memory is correct on HIS or HER name and if I am wrong - please forgive ME, and some others have mentioned my writing in the PAST on here too.

They can do this easily if my posts are too LONG for them to read, they don't like HOW I write, what I have to SAY or if it OFFENDS them even if that was NEVER MY INTENT and/or if I use LARGE LETTERS in some posts.

I have almost ALWAYS written in large print to emphasis certain POINTS that I choose to make online, in email and in snail mail letters too. I mix it up especially online. Small and large print.

I have my PRINT SIZE on my computer turned on very large due to my 71 year old eyes.

I have worn bifocal lenses since I was in my 40's.

My one eye is not getting any better and years ago in my EARLY 40's - I had a very serious eye condition (It started in one eye and went to both eyes.) which if not was caught and TREATED - I could have gone blind. It was not diagnosed PROPERLY when I went to the E.R. one night with my late husband but I knew and felt that something was wrong.

I was right so I got 2 other medical - top medical opinions from 2 eye specialists. I was on DILATOR DROPS like they use for chemical warfare, etc. and on 2 other eye drops.

I had one 25 watt bulb on in the den (I slept downstairs due to NO steps and fear of falling.) and basically was resting both eyes for weeks on end. I had a FEW flare ups over the years but I keep an eye (LOL) on my eyes and have not had any since my early/middle 50's.

My late husband was a saint and my old German Shepherd dog stayed with me - by my SIDE always even when I walked to the downstairs bathroom. I had hour plus trips one way to the eye doctor's twice a week for a time frame too. I 'hired' my friend's husband to take me there so that my husband would not miss work. Her husband's company closed up and he started his own company but BOTH of them made time for my eye doctor trips. We lived in the boonies and they did too.

Plus I have worn Rx eyeglasses since I was 5 years old. In the old days with old glass - they called them coke bottle lenses. LOL

My Rx eyeglass lenses are somewhat THINNER now due to different types of Rx lenses. I still call them coke bottle lenses myself. LOL

Anyway, thanks for support or no support. Read or ignore me. NO sweat.

As far as my husband goes, he has SELECTIVE hearing as some wives JOKE about their husbands. LOL

And yes, he does have some HEARING LOSS (No joke.) even though he always used HEARING and eye protection since he was a KID and learned how to shoot.

Old Lady Cate
I thought I should ask you if you considered my comment offensive in any way when I suggested in a joking manner that hearing loss of your husband may be why you shout?

Being an old man with the losses and frailties that age gives you I find all we can do is laugh about them. We need humor now days and conflict or abuse was never my goal in my comment. Hopefully you can see any offense was unintentional.

AB's comment about not pulling the trigger? I couldn't believe he said that. Absolutely, I was dumbfounded.
So was I, at first, but then after thinking about it I regarded it was nothing more than a cheap attempt by his attorney to create some sort of 'reasonable doubt' BS - basically 'muddy the waters'.

Pulled or just pressure on the trigger when he cocked it and let the hammer fly? who cares ? he pointed a loaded weapon at the lady and fired.


I am thinking that new laws need to be in place to keep Hollywood safe.:D

When firearms are on the set ballistic vest are required worn by all on the set.

NRA training and an NRA representative must be on the set.

Anyone breaking gun safety rules shall be fined or prosecuted for the degree of safety broken.

I say this because Hollywood is always telling us we need more laws, turn around is fair play :)
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