Alcohol Violations and Getting a CCL

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by nwwoodsman, Mar 11, 2012.

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    When I was around 20, I received two minor in possession tickets for alcohol and was required to take several drug and alcohol counseling classes. My drinking was pretty out of control, to the point where I volunteered for in-patient alcohol treatment.
    Fast forward 12 years , I've been trouble free ever since. I recently completed my CCL class and printed of an application for my license. Then I saw the question asking about ever attending a drug diversion class. While I was never charged with any illegal drug offenses, only alcohol, the classes and treatment were classified as being alcohol AND drug related. I'm really wondering if any else has had a similar situation and if so, were they able to still get their CCL. I can still pass the OSP background and can legally purchase firearms from any store but I'm not so sure if I can still get my CCL
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    I'm 24, got a MCA at college when I was 18 and had to jump through the same hoops. I didn't have any issues, I just made sure to be up front about everything and life was good

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