Alchemy Arms Spectre .45 Need Info.

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Page.k, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Looking for a place or person that knows this weapon system.
    1. Parts that interchage.
    2. Parts for sale.
    3. Can repair or make parts.
    4. Know issues Model SI-2545 SN#13XX
    5. :paranoid:
  2. nabaker


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    I've done quite a bit of research on the Spectre - I made the Wikipedia article, among other things. I own one of the early models, which is the one that was mainly known to have some problems - primarily with the trigger assembly.

    1. No parts interchange, really. You could swap G21 barrels (if yours is a .45, as it should be) with minor modification, as I have.
    2. No parts for sale unless you can find some on GunBroker or eBay. I check them often, and trust me, it's a rare occurence. I have a small bag of extra parts - what do you need?
    3. What parts are broken? What do you need?
    4. Send me pictures of the guns on their side with the serial numbers visible, and then on the other side. This is to help me identify features that indicate the production timeline. I know the issues that commonly plagued the Spectre's. What caliber(s) are they?
    5. Take a deep breath and calm down. I'll help you if I can.

    Basically, Alchemy Arms started out making Glock parts and went on to their own design, a hybrid Glock/1911. Take a look at these links to learn a bit about the history of the firearm that I've collected over the past year or so:

    Alchemy Arms Spectre

    Spectre Papers

    Alchemy Arms Spectre - .45 ACP

    Alchemy Arms Glock Parts

    The Spectre .45 Auto

    Alchemy Arms Spectre Advertisement, 2000
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    Anyone know how to find the grip medallions for the Alchemy Arms Spectre?
  4. Wyvern03

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    I just picked up one of these, SN just under 700. Did ones in this serial number range still have problems, or had most of it been iron out by then?
    I'm also curious about magazines---I have two for the Witness .45 I picked up, but I've heard they fit as is and I've heard they have to be modified. I won't have my gun in hand for a bit as it's on layaway, so I won't be able to eyeball it yet to see.

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