Alaska, What a Great State... For Concealed Carry

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    Makes me wanna move to Alaska...

    Alaska Statute 11.61.220 allows anyone 21 or older, who may legally carry a firearm to also carry it concealed without having to obtain a special permit. The possession of a firearm at courthouses, school yards, bars and domestic violence shelters will continue to be prohibited. Alaskans may obtain a concealed carry permit if they want reciprocity with other states.

    A person 21 or older may be charged with Misconduct involving Weapons in the 5th degree under AS 11.61.220 if s/he

    * fails to immediately inform a peace officer that s/he is carrying a concealed handgun
    * fails to allow the officer to secure the weapon or fails to secure the weapon at the direction of the peace officer, or
    * carries the weapon concealed within another person's residence, unless s/he has first obtained the express permission of an adult residing there, whether or not the person has a concealed handgun permit.

    The following states recognize valid Alaska concealed handgun permits:

    1. Alabama
    2. Arkansas
    3. Arizona (Agreement)
    4. Colorado
    5. Delaware
    6. Florida (Agreement)
    7. Georgia
    8. Idaho
    9. Indiana
    10. Kansas
    11. Kentucky
    12. Louisiana
    13. Michigan
    14. Minnesota
    15. Mississippi
    16. Missouri
    17. Montana
    18. Nevada
    19. New Hampshire
    20. New Mexico
    21. North Carolina
    22. North Dakota (Agreement)
    23. Ohio (Agreement)
    24. Oklahoma (Agreement)
    25. Pennsylvania (Agreement)
    26. South Carolina
    27. South Dakota (Agreement)
    28. Tennessee
    29. Texas (Agreement)
    30. Utah
    31. Vermont
    32. Virginia (Agreement)
    33. West Virginia
    34. Wyoming (Agreement)

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