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    Hope this will help any one traveling with firearm on Alaska Air.
    Just got back from about 2 weeks traveling around Alaska.
    Followed the web rules for firearms on Alaska Air. Also called and talked to
    a customer service rep regarding same.

    Put glock hand gun in origional hard plastic case, unloaded with plastic barrel piece inserted.
    Placed a pad lock on the case handels so it could not be opened.
    TSA at oversize counter checked it over, swabbed it and finally tried to open the case. Of course the lock prevented it. but she could get it open slightly. Her rules were if it can be opened enough for a credit card to be inserted anywhere along the case, it will be refused.
    Had to go buy a funky Alaska Air case they sold me so I could get it approved. In my opinion not as secure as the glock case.

    On the way back, the TSA rep was not concerned at all, but did use the new case.

    Hope this helps if you are traveling with a firearm.
    Seems to be dependent on the individual as much as rules!
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    Ya, that's the individual. I know for rifles I've used pretty cheapo cases routinely that you could certainly slide a credit card through (though getting anything out of the case would require tools). Never had a problem other than the TSA guys at Seatac were kinda jerks.
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    I flew Alaska Air quite a bit for a couple years, never had a problem with handguns. Bringing a cannon out of Ketchikan was a whole nother story though thanks to an overzealous TSA person.
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    We need to hear this story. :bananadance:

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