AK74 Bulgy kit built on a NDS/DC Industries receiver SOLD

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by NWRed, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I picked this up as part of a package and just dont really have the need for another AK right now. I'd rather have another Saiga to build up again or some other odds and ends I want.

    It's in nice shape and looks well built, rivets are nicely done. The guy I got this from said he'd purchased it and was told who the builder was at that time but couldn't recall the name.

    It's a Circle10 kit built on a DC Industries /Nodak receiver with Tapco US parts, hammer/trigger/gas piston for sure. Comes with 1 Tapco 5.45 mag as pictured.
    In good overall shape, with some honest wear on it. Mostly the selector rubbing on the receiver which is normal.



    I'm in Puyallup and would perefer to keep any trades FTF to avoid shipping and FFL fees &taxes etc.

    I'm interested in:
    $350 Saiga rifles
    Century C93 w/mags
    Mossberg MVP or Savage Hog Hunter rifles (.223/.308)
    cheap AR15 lowers ( Mega/Aero/etc.)
    Primary Arms type red dots
    AK74 mags and 5.45x39 ammo
    AK sidemount scope mount for 30mm scopes/picatinny
    DPH AK dogleg scope mount
    centerfire factory ammo for .20/rnd or less
    Advantage Arms threaded .22LR conversion kit for a G17
    M&P 9mm fullsize magazines
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