AK47 side folder package!

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    I'm selling this rifle for a friend so I will describe the rifle to the best of my abiltiy...and I don't speak AK fluently:p So here is how the rifle is marked:
    75 Sporter
    Made in Romania/Armexim
    TGI Knox TM

    Package will include 15 magazines and approximately 3000 rounds of ammo seen in the pictures. Currently I do not want to ship (the weight of the ammo alone) and I will trave a reasonable distance from Medford. Rifle is in very good condition (maybe great...as I'm not a AK expert) If the you want certin pictures of the AK just let me know and I can take some addition photos of it.
    Asking $1250 for the package. Email is the best way to contact me.


    PS... the reloading supplies and dies in the pictures are not currently include in the package!
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