AK Rifle and Mini-Draco

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by RedneckRampage, May 4, 2012.

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    First of all, I'm just seeing what is out there. I don't want cash for these, and I'm in no rush to trade them. I'm considering switching over from the AK47 platform to the AR15 platform. What I'm looking to do is trade my two AKs, plus ammo and mags, for your one, quality AR15. I am only interested in FACTORY built rifles, with carbine length gas systems, 16" barrel, and collapsable stock. I only am interested in high quality guns, brands like Colt, Noveske, LMT, and Daniel Defense.

    What I have to trade -
    I have a Ewbank Bulgarian Underfolder AK47 and a Romanian Mini-Draco AK47 Pistol. The rifle works very well, it is accurate, smooth, good fit and finish work, but has some finish wear, but it is not bad at all. It had nice, dark red wood handguards, a brown/red bakelite grip, original cleaning rod, and a bakelite bayonet that was confiscated in Iraq.

    The pistol I honestly have not shot, but am going to on sunday. It is very clean and in great shape. The handguard has been sanded and stained and had vent holes added, it's also dark reddish color. I also installed sling swivels on the left side. It has a Tapco SAW grip now, but will have a bakelite on it when I get the screw.

    Along with the guns themselves, I have 12 magazines, all 30rd, all in good/great shape, some Chinese, some Romanian and maybe some from other places. I have 10 of them loaded with FMJs, Soft Tips, and Chinese Steel Core, every third round, for a total of 300rds plus 25 loose steel core.

    I value the rifle at $650, pistol at $600, mags at $180, and ammo at $150, for a total of $1580.

    Please PM me with offers. I can send picures through email or text, which is way easier.

    In all honesty, I'd take $1500 cash for it all, but I would trade for a $1200 Colt...value depends on how you look at it all. All offers are welcome. If you have a real nice Bushmaster or something, I would be interested, but won't do a straight trade. I'm really easy to work with.
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    interested in a like new xm15 bushy? its in perfect condition. has a few extras
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