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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by bigNtall, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. bigNtall

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    Have owned a SAR 1 for several years a decent one where there is nor cant on front sight or gas block back in the days where I bought it for $200. I do not enjoy shooting it because

    1. Stock is to short for me (I am a big guy)
    2. Recoil is more than I expected the rifle.
    3. Sight suck.

    Would like to keep the orginal wood stock as it is in great shape. How can I extend it out another inch or two to be more comfortable?

    Recoil nothing I know can be done except deal with it

    Any aftermarket sight available?

    I have done general googlism and have come up with nothing.

    Anyone have any suggestions

    No its not for sale!

  2. doobee8

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    1. Stock is to short for me (I am a big guy)- Tapco or K-var USA length stock 1.25" longer than standard. They have adjustable folding options out there as well.

    2. Recoil is more than I expected the rifle.- Recoil buffer buffertech or blackjack, and muzzle brake might help. also a butt pad. UTG has one that spreads the recoil over a larger area slips on. It's ugly but it works pretty good.

    3. Sight suck.- MOJO peep sights, Krebs Custom, and Williams all make a peep style. check them all out. I like the Krebs. The MOJO offers the most adjustment and the Williams offers the smallest peep hole!! No pun intended!

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Aloxite

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    I've got a rubber buttpad that attaches to the existing holes in the buttstock. Probably adds about 1 1/2 inches.
  4. eldbillbo

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    this is the best way to go will extend while keeping original and might help felt recoil

    doobie8 mentioned a lot of good sight options and just find a good break if you want to spend extra there are some really good breaks on the market now that almost eliminate muzzle climb

    +1 on buffertech it makes it feel smoother

    discussion here on breaks

    There is also a GB being started for PWS stuff on FM and they are getting rave reviews right now may all be hype but worth looking into

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