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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by feedyourhead, May 14, 2009.

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    Torch cut means just that. The receiver was cut with an accetileene(?) cutting torch. Saw cut means it was cut with a saw. Either way, they take a big chunk of the receiver and chuck it in a different barrel for scrap. If you know somebody with the tooling. Bending your own receiver flat is really easy, with the correct tooling. Plus you don't have to go through any paperwork buying an already manufactered receiver. Above all...don't forget to have your 922 compliance parts to make it a legal build.
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    If memory serves most kits in the last few years have been torched cut, I think I recall reading somewhere that it was a change in the way they had to be imported...

    Some of the torch cuts have nicked the selector stop, I know I had one for sure and some of the old saw cut Russian kits had front trunion nicked by the saw and Polish underfolders had part of the rear block nicked by the saw...

    either way both end up being build able with or without the proper tools it is doable.

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    The only place a saw cut has an advantage is on a reweld project and then only if all the sections are there to reweld, on AK stamped receiver kits this isn't a factor you need to consider.

    The things you need to consider when buying an AK kit these days are, is it a stamped receiver build ($60 receiver) as opposed to a milled receiver ($400 receiver), Is the kit Demilled, aka a built gun that is cut up, or virgin aka, all new parts that require a lot of further machining, Also does it come with an intact barrel? if not it will have the same problems as a virgin build.

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