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    I don't have an AK anymore and this is what I have as a left over stuff:
    -New in the seal Bag Tapco Slant Muzzle Breake
    -Regular AK Pistol Grip with Screw
    -US palm AK Pistol Grip (was Green and I painted it black, no screw)
    -3ea eastern Block AK mag pouches in green with small pockets for oil bottles,etc, leather straps.
    -1ea Chinese Chest Rigg, in OD, will hold 3 mags and it has small pouches for accessories, I changed the back straps for new Coyote ones with velcro, much easier to adjust.
    -Part of rear sight, is the rear sight post with the wheel slider to adjust for elevation.

    Will like to sell as a package deal, will not break, in Gresham for $20 for the whole package.
    Please email me at ebuder74@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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