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    This is a Romy G kit build, 1982 kit if I remember right, built on a ITM Arms receiver. I've had it about eight or ten years and have put around 800-1000 rounds through it. Has a UTG quad rail, which has actually been very solid, Primary arms red dot, Surefire light in a rail mount, Mako pistol grip and Nato length Kvar buttstock. Buyer has the option of a Warsaw length OD green stock or a Tapco M4 style stock if they prefer. Also comes with two generic polymer mags and one Tapco polymer mag, Bayonet and Allen "Tactical" rifle case with mag pockets. There's 183 rounds of ammo too. The breakdown on the ammo is 98 rounds Norinco(two yellow box and three green box labeled steel core), 40 rounds of Wolf 154gr soft points, 15 rounds of brass surplus and the Tapco mag is full of wolf.

    Price is $700 for everything or $600 if you don't want the red dot and Surefire. CPL or WAC preferred.

    Open to trades, all trades can be + or - cash. I like revolvers and lever actions. Would really like a 4in. .357, especially a L or N frame S&W, .357 or .44 levergun, .22 handgun or ? No shotguns unless it's a SXS coach gun. Possibly a light weight AR for my wife(AK is too heavy). Single Action .357's or .44's
    Willing to meet between Bellingham and Marysville and could meet at the WAC show this weekend.
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