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    I.O. Inc. STG-2000, Second owner so not sure on the round count, I've put 500-600 through it myself. Here's what it comes with.

    Comes with:
    Burris Fast Fire and side mount(Not sighted in yet)
    16 mags, 10x30 rounders, 3x20 rounders, 3x5 rounders(No cheapo Korean mags)
    700 rounds of Wolf and Golden Tiger
    3 Stocks, Tapco collapsible is on it now, also comes with and OD green warsaw length and factory club foot.
    Single point sling
    Also comes with a retainer plate to replace the spring but I haven't installed it yet.

    I'd like to get $900 for everythingNow $875. Would take $100 off if you don't want the Burris.

    Now willing to do $800 for everything or $750 without the Burris. That's rock bottom though.

    I'm in Skagit County but I will be traveling down to Olympia the weekend after the 4th.

    Open to trades but I have to get at least $450 cash. Main trade interest would be:
    .357 Lever Action
    30/30 Lever Action
    Henry Lever Action .22lr
    12 or 20 gauge coach gun
    4in. barrel .357 or .38 with adjustable sights
    Glock 29(only one I would take less than $450 with)
    Maybe a Glock 19
    Ruger SR9 compact or similair
    PMR 30
    I would also work out a trade for a para trooper SKS but I'd like to keep the ammo in that case, so we'd have to work something out.
    Or ?
    Would also trade straight across for a running, driving International Scout but it must be a 4spd. Would travel quite a bit for this.

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