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AK? or AR? What's your choice?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by willseeker, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. willseeker

    willseeker N. Portland. Well-Known Member

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    Looking for your opinions on what battle rifle to start with.
    I'm focusing on either an AK47 or an AR15.

    Here's my situation. I have a fair amount of guns...but no battle rifles. I don't know a whole lot about them. Should I start with .223 (AR)? or 7.62x39 (AK)?
    General use would be plinking but also need it for action...just in case. As this will be a starting point, my budget is modest at around $700.00.

    Reliability, ease of cleaning, accuracy, weight, manufactorer...are all factors. With your experience. Please help me decide what platform to go with.

  2. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    I really like the AK 74. Ammo is cheap ($150 per k) and yet is very similar ballistically to the 5.56 NATO. And, you have the reliability and economy of an AK.

    If I didn't already have so much $$ tied up in AR's and 5.56 ammo and was starting over, I'd go that way.

    With the $ savings, you could also get an AK 47 and some ammo.
  3. gnarkill

    gnarkill Richland, WA Member

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    I have both types and I have to say I probably enjoy the AK more at this point. It's such a simple weapon, is very cheap to shoot, fairly accurate, and is overall just a lot of fun. I havent had a whole lot of time behind my Sig 556, but it's definitely not as much fun to shoot since the ammo prices are nearly double that of the AK.
  4. crosse

    crosse Bellevue Active Member

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    yea...i'd agree with gunner3456. with $700 to pickup an occasional plinker that is reliable in an intermediate cartridge, the 74 is a great choice, you'll end up with a gun, mags, and prbly around 2000 rounds of ammo. that's a pretty good setup. Investing in a good AR setup will set u up close to double what you have. the 39 ammo not nearly as cheap or accurate for plinking.
  5. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    I would also recommend the AK74 in 5.45x39 because it's cheap to shoot.
  6. packrat

    packrat Marysville New Member

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    I have both and I would start with the AK-47. It also can take alot of abuse and it just keeps on shooting
  7. pokobt

    pokobt N. Coast Oregon Member

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    My thoughts are in line with others- I love my AK; replaced an AR with it in fact, just enjoy the AK more- not a precision long distance weapon, but I like it. I would vote for an AK-74 style- simple, reliable, cheap and pleatiful ammo. I have heard they can be fairly accurate too.
  8. unionguy

    unionguy Portland Active Member

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    For $700, I'd recommend the AK series...you can get a rifle, mags, and 1,000 rounds of ammo. That is where I started...and then added some FAL's...I like stone-cold reliable firearms so everything I have can serve SHTF scenarios too.:D
  9. marty8587

    marty8587 NE Portland Active Member

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    :thumbup:I have both, but started with the AK from century arms. It was about $400.00 when new . Ammo has gone up a bit but is starting to be cheaper and more available. This gun was made for the steel cased cheaper ammo that I would not think about putting through my SR556. Both alot of fun:thumbup:
  10. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    Build your own AR, a basic KISS gun can be built well under your budget. You will acquire a knowledge of the weapon. and the ability to easily and quickly modify it. It's modular design is far superior to an AK. It's accuracy potental is enormous.
  11. toolfan

    toolfan North Portland Member

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    I think you can buy a complete gun cheaper than you can build one these days.

    A Del-ton or CMMG second is $600-700.

    To build one:
    Lower - $140+
    LPK - $50 +
    Butt-stock - $30+
    Upper Receiver - $130 w/ parts+
    Barrel Assembly - $180+
    BCG - $100
    Hand-guards - $20+
    Mags - $10+

    Sum it up and you are starting at $660 and some of those prices are smoking deal good. Plus you should get a tool or two for the barrel and the buttstock, call it another $20-30, and if you have to pay shipping that's an easy 10%.
  12. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    I see a lot of guys get AR's, and then buy cheap .223 ammo which is far inferior to mil spec 5.56 or even mil surp 5.45x39 for the AK 74.

    My $.02 is that unless you're willing to pony up for good 5.56 NATO, you're cutting yourself short with the AR. I'd far rather have an AK 74 with mil surp 5.45x39 ammo, especially if I was on a budget.
  13. Russianfist

    Russianfist Sweet home, Oregon Active Member

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    Just got an AR myself and learning about it. Had an SKS before so I am somewhat familier with the 7.62x39 round that is used in AK's.

    The AR is simple,modular and has lots and lots of options. Accuracy with an AR is outstanding compared to the AK at distances over 200 yards.

    The AR drawbacks are: They can be expensive and ammo isn't as cheap. They do not like cheap steel cased Russian .223 ammo (at least mine doesn't seem to like it).

    I have never fired an AK or owned one but what I can tell you about the 7.62x39 round is this: It will turn cover in to concealment in a shootout. In other words, It will shoot though a car within 200 yards. If I had a choice and your budget I would pick up an AK but a good one. The Romi WASR-10 is lower on the AK ladder where the Chinese MAK-90 is on the upper side. You could even just go nuts and pick up a Krebs,PSL(7.62x54 bullet),or an RPK. I did see an RPK in your price range at classic firearms :thumbup:
  14. usfatboy01

    usfatboy01 Hillsboro, Oregon Member

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    AR nough said
  15. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    Reliability, ak (ar just as reliable if properly maintained)

    ease of cleaning, same (unless using corrosive ammo )

    accuracy, ar

    weight, ar

    manufacture... first narrow it down to which your getting cause thats a whole other can of worms

    some other things to note

    cost of ammo, ak
    quality of ammo , ar
    upgradability, ar
  16. shoggoth80

    shoggoth80 Greater Seattle Area Member

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    Either would be a good choice, and either can be had in your price range. You could build a KISS AR for well under $700. There is a local shop where you can get assembled lowers for under $200 (if you are in the south Sound area, or willing to drive). Good uppers can be had sub-$500 shipped. Ammo is a little more expensive, but you save if you buy milsurp in bulk. You would also have the option to further accessorize and upgrade as you felt needed. Also, the AR is more reliable than a lot of people make it out to be. I have seen videos of folks doing dirty tests, or running a few thousand rounds of dirty ammo through them without cleaning... they still worked. The platform is simpler than you might think, and is very modular. Parts are not so expensive, and are plentiful... particularly you have huge choice for new parts.

    AK... tough, reliable. x39 is a stout round. The AK is a 300 meter or less gun, as the bullet has a lot of drop at those ranges. The AR is really best as a 300 meter or less platform too though. Not sure on individual AK components availability. Surplus ammo is out there, and runs about $200-$250 per 1000. 1000 rounds of good milsurp 5.56 is $350-$400 most places.

    Both would be great choices, it's just a matter of determining which platform would suit your needs better.
  17. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    Get yourself a WASR-10. Sure 5.45 is cheap to shoot, but 7.62x39 is a man stopper- plain and simple.

    AKs are simple, user friendly, reliable, durable and are made with loose tollerances. That way, dirt, sand, water, mud, rust and other factors that would typically make a rifle stop functioning- the AK still plows through to fire every time you pull the trigger. However, the way the AK is made sacrafices accuracy when compared to the AR. The AR platform has at least ten times more accessories for it that probably any other rifle ever built. The recoil of the ARs in 5.56 are also less than that of the 7.62x39.

    Each rifle has it's pros and cons. Nobody can say that one is better than the other but they can point out their differences. I believe that from what you described an AK is more for what you are looking for.
  18. Konad

    Konad Portland Oregon Active Member

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    I don't buy things I can't afford to shoot, and I shoot often. If your like me its a no brainer. Go with the AK.
  19. TonsOfOregonBrass

    TonsOfOregonBrass Sandy, OR Active Member

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    Every one of the AR's or M-16's / M4's i have shot have jammed or malfunctioned. I take very good care of my guns yet they still fail. I have been to plenty of shoots with lots of m-16s and damn near every one of them failed. Yet the AKs just kept shooting.

    So for a first rifle, the AK. it is cheaper, more fun, cheaper to shoot, more reliable. ARs are good, but the AK is just a better deal IMHO of course.
  20. willamette valleyfirearms

    willamette valleyfirearms hillsboro oregon Member

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    the ar-15 can be very reliable in a gas piston system but if it were d -day it would be my ak-74 all the way light weight ammo ,reliable and great out to a 100+ yards.