AK/AR/Knives/Survial Gear/Alice Pack......Good Prices!

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    First off, I have a complete medium sized Alice Pack w/frame.

    I started to convert it from the annoying standard set up, to the snap buckles shown below. The conversion IS NOT FINISHED. It would take about an hour to finish. However, it does include BOTH buckles needed to finish it up. You just have to do it yourself :lol: Pics for better explnation below.


    Asking $35 FTF and $45 shipped.

    Next off, we have a random lot of stuff I pulled out of one of my "survival boxes".


    1) Mil surp, 3 piece shovel. Collapses and goes into the pouch to the left. $10 FTF $15 shipped

    2) Large Pair of Camo GLoves. I use them as shooting gloves and it works perfect for that. $3 FTF $5 shipped

    3) 2x OD Green Balaclavas. $7 shipped 1/$13 shipped both, $5 FTF 1/$10 FTF both

    4) 3x Leather AK Slings. Got them in a massive AK lot and do not need. $5 for 1/$8 for 2/$11 3 FTF. $7 for 1/$9 for 2/$13 for 3 shipped.

    5)Unknown Brand Wind Up Flashlight. It works, you just have to keep winding the flashlight to keep the light going. $3 FTF $5 Shipped.

    6) 4x Mil Surp Canteens. $5 for 1/$9 for 2/$12 for 3/ $15 for 4 FTF, $7 for 1/$13 for 2/$16 for 3/$20 for 4 shipped.


    7) GONE

    8) Blackhawk Size 3 IWB HOlster (Fit my FNP9) $6 FTF/$8 Shipped

    9) Black Shotgun Buttstock Ammo Holder (5 RD) $5 FTF/$7 Shipped

    10) Camo Shotgun Buttstock Ammo Holder (4 RD) $5FTF/$7 Shipped

    11) Black Rifle Buttstock Ammo Holder (9 RD) $5 FTF/$7 Shipped

    Get All 3 Buttstock Ammo Holders for $16 shipped.


    I accept Paypal and MO's. If you buy mutiple items, I will deffinately take the total shipping price into consideration and lower it.

    I might consider AR parts via trade. I specifically know I need a complete buttstock assembly (buffer, tube, spring).
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    Pm sent

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