WTS OR AK, AR, HK, 870 stuff

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  1. ZA_Survivalist

    AK's all day.

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    Warning, picture heavy.
    I need to clear out some of this stuff, I need it sold ASAP. I dont have time to fiddle with shipping. Local meet only.
    If you can meet today 12/10/15, Im willing to haggle on "some" stuff.

    ***Im leaving early tomorrow 12/11/15 for a quick weekend trip, Ill be gone until the 15th so today 12/10/15 would be ideal!

    I have a few package deals and some other odds and ends thrown in.

    If its a package deal I dont want to seperate anything, I dont have the desire to sell stuff off one by one.
    NO TRADES. Cash only.

    First pic:
    Npap wood stock set.
    RPK type bipod, unsure of model
    M70AK grip
    Ak sling plate for stamped AKs
    (not M70/Npap compatible)
    AK forearm lower/upper springs
    3 elcheapo AK muzzle devices
    1 gas booter type, 2- AK 74 types
    Midwest industries forearm receiver block

    Second pic:
    Magpul Mlok vert grip
    Midwest industries pic-sling mount.
    (And if I can find it, a magpul bad lever)
    $25 or $35 with bad lever, IF I can find it.

    Third pic:
    Elcheapo HK hook knockoff.
    Carry handle and shroud.
    (I have another set if I can find it)

    Fourth pic:
    1911 front sight staking tool
    Aluminum and nylon bushing tool

    Fifth pic:
    Harris A2 bipod adapter. Used on my Saiga .308 forearm.
    Looks new though it was used.

    Sixth pic:
    Cheapt Tapco commercial stock and unknown folding forward vert grip.
    Vert grip has removable pannels for pressure pad and a bottom plug storage compartment.

    Seventh pic:
    Rem 870 hogue pistol grip.
    Mako duel sling loop.
    NEF (NOT 870) reciever bushing.

    Eighth pic:
    Ace stock and two cheek risers.
    $20 ***Pending***

    Ninth pic:
    Czech gas mask.
    Unused. Comes with filter and rubberized bag. ***Pending***

    Tenth pic:
    Blackhawk! OD green drop leg platform.
    $30-$25 ***Pending***

    So there you have it.
    Packages are priced, OR buy the whole lot for $250
    (over $300 total)

    Like I said, Id like to sell all this stuff ASAP. Willing to meet at Hillsboro Bimart or Sportsmans warehouse
    in Tanasbourne. Willing to meet only if the total if what you want is $20 or more, otherwise I just waste gas.
    So buy more stuff ;)

    If you "really" dont want anything other than a $10 package PM me and we can go over shipping details, but It'll be on your dime.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. rwadeg311

    Eugene Or.
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    I'd take the Ace stock but need it shipped to Eugene.....on my dime of course.
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  3. JeremyK

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    Pm sent on pro mask and leg drop dealie
  4. drewp

    forest grove
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    Ill take the skeleton stock...ill be back home tuesday or wednesday
  5. rwadeg311

    Eugene Or.
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    Is the Ace stock for an AK?

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