AK-74 Polish Tantal Rifle w/Folding Stock & 4 mags

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    Polish Tantal Sporter - AK-74 Rifle in 5.45x39 with two 30rd surplus magazines and two 30rd Pro-Mag brand magazines (all four mags work wonderfully) and the bi-pod it came with for 450$ not including the shipping if you don't want a face to face.



    I've put about 240 rounds through it, and I got it brand new in February 2009. Zero key-holing, as accurate a rifle as you could ever hope for.

    I also have about 940 rounds of ammunition (Russian corrosive surplus) I can sell if you want a face to face, I'll take 150$ for the ammo face to face.

    PM or contact me through email at: gmailjpg.jpg

    Alternatively, call me at phonejpg.jpg

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