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AK-47 Pistol Questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by tuckerha, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. tuckerha

    tuckerha Tucson, Arizona Member

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    I'm looking at one of the AK47 pistols, the Draco, at a local shop.
    Not that I really need one, but it looks like fun.

    Does anyone else have one who can provide insight to how they function?

    It has a barrel nut on it that is tack welded. Are they relatively easy to remove and replace with a muzzle brake?

  2. Bretts300aac

    Bretts300aac Spokane New Member

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    I have a m92 I got it for 460 and thought well this this is neat not vary useful but neat boy was I ever wrong it's extremely handy little pistol I am really happy with it I would recommend the m92 has 9" barrel the Draco is one load beast the extra barrel really helps make it useful and a joy to shoot and mine is super accurate I clip a one point sling on it like on an mp5 and push forward alittle and you can hit what you want with it great weapon I would buy a Draco as well but m92 is a better option pick up a krink style brake get r hot
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  3. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    They function just like any other AK.
    The nut on the end of the barrel is tack welded for import reasons, comes off with a dremel in about a minute. Uses standard 14x1L threads (Tons of muzzle devices and adapters) perfectly legal to do, again.. Its only for import reasons or if you're in a neuter law state.
    The dracos (not the micro) utilize standard stamped AKM forearms so you have plenty of options there as well, its a little more modular than the M92's since you can replace the sights and dust cover too.

    The chamber and barrel are also chrome lined. Mine was anyhow. The pap M92s are not.

    I SBR'd my draco a few years back. Its a great little shooter.
    If you want it, Go for it. Sadly, You wont have this opportunity this time next year.
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  4. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    I have two Draco's, one in OEM configuration, and the other is SBR'd.... love 'em both.
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  5. CAL30M1

    CAL30M1 Longview, WA Active Member

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    Here's a video on how to remove the tac weld on a similar firearm.

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