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AK 47 or AKM or whatever. TRADED

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. bmw2

    bmw2 Mount Vernon, Wa Active Member

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    Built with a G kit and Nodak reciever. Has less than 200 rounds through it (7.62X39) since the build. Original owner put one mag through it and I did the rest. Metal and wood finish are excellent, pictures don't do it justice. Comes with a Tapco mag and two of the clear polymer/plastic Bulgarian mags. As an option, I could add a few steel mags and a little ammo for the right trade.

    Got a hold of the builder and all this needs for compliance is a US grip, which I have and will be included in the sale or I can put it on for anyone interested. Also open to trades not on my list.

    Trades are preferred but I'll list a cash price of $600(I know that's a little high but it is really nice and feel free to make an offer). I don't mind lower valued trades plus cash or ammo but I don't have a lot of cash to trade up about $100 or a bit more.

    Trade interests
    Glock model 29(preferred trade)
    EAA witness 10mm or any other 10mm for that matter(already have a Glock 20)
    Glock 19
    .44mag w/6in barrel
    .357mag w/4in or 6in barrel
    .44 mag Marlin levergun, stainless or octagon barrel preferred
    Marlin 30-30 or 45-70 "cowboy" models w/octagon barrel
    I just like levers in general
    Commie handguns, still need a CZ82, CZ50/70, Makarovs(no commercial models) or?
    500 rounds of 7.62x39 or 9x18mak
  2. donovan

    donovan Eugene, OR Member

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    have lots of 7.62 and 9x18 and a makarov.... wanna make a deal?
  3. bmw2

    bmw2 Mount Vernon, Wa Active Member

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    Sorry, I'd rather not make an out of state deal. Wish you were in Washington.
  4. Kraut

    Kraut Mount Vernon New Member

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    I have a nice Marlin 30-30 that I was going to sell for an AK purchase, and I live in Mount Vernon. Maybe meet at a gun range and swap a few rounds? PM me if you're interested.
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