WTS OR Aimpoint Comp ML2 in Larue Mount

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    This is my personal optic that never gets used. I've had it on a couple different rifles but it has spent most it's life on a shelf in the safe. The most actual use it has received was on a .22 and hard to justify such an optic for the kids to plink with. I threw it on an AR just to have something on it recently but again, came right off in favor of something different. The light marks on it are mostly from my thumbnail taking caps on and off and from just sitting on the shelf in a pile with other optics. I bet 5 minutes with a pencil eraser would make it look brand new mint condition.

    Original Aimpoint box and paperwork included. I bought this brand new. There might even be an extra battery in the storage compartment but I'm not positive.

    $500 shipped/insured. Reasonable offers entertained. Not too interested in trades but feel free to throw them at me, never know. Located about 15 minutes south of Oregon City.



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