WTS OR AICS 2.0 S/A stock for sale, full rifle if you are interested

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    I am selling my AICS 2.0 S/A chassis to fund another project. It is for Remington 700 short action rifles. The stock folds to the side for cleaning so you don't have to move the cheek piece once you have it set where you want it. The stock came with one 5 round flush fit magazine; I will add a second 5 round flush fit to the sale price. It is black and in excellent shape. 10 round magazines are available online or at US Tactical Supply in Albany when they're in stock. Price for the Stock only is $850.

    If interested, I will sell the entire set up. The rifle is a Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD. It features a 20" heavy factory barrel (not super heavy like an MTU contour), a 1/10 twist, and a stainless steel barrel. It has a Timney trigger set at 2 lbs, a Badger Ordnance bolt knob, TPS 20 MOA scope base, TPS 30mm rings. The scope is a Vortex Viper PST FFP 4-16 MRAD scope. With FFP (first focal plane) the reticle changes size with magnification so that it is always correct for holdovers. It comes with a bubble level and throw lever for the magnification ring.

    If you want the whole package it will be $2600 OBO. I will take payments over a few months to be agreed upon before I consider it sold. I keep the rifle until paid off and THEN we will go to an FFL for background check to comply with the new unconstitutional law. I keep the rifle AND money if you fail the background. If a delay, we can work something out.

    Call or text Nolan at Five Zero Three- 856-6197



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