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    Does anyone carry condition 3? If so would you consider an automatic holster allowing for one handed draw and firing? Would you consider carrying condition 3 if you had a holster like one of these?
    Spanish Police Woman - Automatic Action - YouTube
    I am dubious of their claim that
    Automatic Holster (AH) Police Model

    There are some automatic holsters for condition 3 carry of the Makarov that look pretty slick, especially the EFA-2, but I don't like the uncovered trigger guard.
    Russian Makarov Pistol Holster - EFA-2 - YouTube Self-loading holster for Makarov - YouTube

    And a Makarov holster similar to the Spanish one above
    EFA-2K Spetsnaz Holster for Makarov Pistol (Russian Language) - YouTube

    There appears to be condition 3 holsters for the Mak, G-17 and the M1911
    JSC EFA » GetRussianGear
    While these holsters look intriguing, I think I'll stick with my 1911 IWB condition 1. And I like the first video. :winkkiss:
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    Watching that first video I know I was supposed to be paying attention to how the pistol was racked by the holster, but given the actress they chose, it wasn't the verb form of "rack" that I was paying attention to! :D

    In all seriousness, it is a clever idea, and that gun came out fast and went off quickly in her well practiced hands...

    Try 2. In all seriousness, while quick and clever (and ignoring bobbles that DO happen occasionally when charging a pistol) I fear it is just a further empowerment of the inanimate machine and corresponding removal of human agency over it. It is an extension of the "accidental discharge" and "the gun went off" school of thought over the "negligent discharge," "he/she fired the gun" school of thought.
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    "Faster than with a bullet in the chamber"

    How? All I have to do is pull up, extend, and fire. They're adding another motion with the charging of the gun. Motion=time; More motion=more time.
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    They are clever and intriguing, but I agree with your assessment. I'll stick with the risk of having a live round in the pipe.

    That's a head scratcher for me too. I'm no expert in physics, but at the velocities that humans can generate and perceive added motion through space does correspond with an added increase in time.

    There is another holster that is intriguing. The Phalanx F.L.A.S.H. and L.A.S.H. Autoloader, condition 1 and condition 3 carry respectively. An even odder draw than the automatic Spanish and Russian EFA-2k holsters.
    Phalanx LASH Smart Holster - Handgun Safety
    The F.L.A.S.H. carries the firearm in condition 1 with the slide slightly out of battery.
    The L.A.S.H Autoload is even weirder...Phalanx LASH Smart Holster - Handgun Safety
    LASH holster procedures

    The first video must be the F.L.A.S.H., the second shows the L.A.S.H. and the F.L.A.S.H.
    SHOT SHOW 2012 Phalanx Holster Demo - YouTube
    Phalanx Holsters - YouTube

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