Agency cr rockpit (Grande Ronde)

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    Was out shooting today at a small rockpit 7 miles up Agency cr towards South Lake when a Tribal Security officer informed me that I was on Weyerhauser property and they don't allow any target shooting. FYI... he was very courteous, civil, and non-threatening during the entire situation. When I told him that I thought I was on tribal land (as per road sign) he stated shooting was not allowed on tribal land either. This was a shock as we have often encountered tribal security while shooting there and normally get a friendly wave or a "stop to chat" encounter. I guess I am just curious if this is recent WH acquisition and if there is ANY land west of Idaho not currently controlled by WH where one can target shoot.
    Thanks for any areas nearby that may be open, Bruce H
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    I have never thought it was ok to shoot on any tribal land without their specific permission. Anymore then any other privately owned land.

    I used to hunt just above Warm Springs Indian Res. and knew that to be found on the Res without permission and with a firearm would be a VERY bad idea. Hopefully you would end up arrested. But very unlikely from the cautions I received at the time. I was extremely careful to know where I was at all times since I was right on the border of THEIR LAND.
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    Yes, I would treat tribal land like I would crossing over into Canada or Mexico with a gun. Native American land is essentially a sovereign nation with their own laws, and given the way they were screwed over I can see why they don't want non-tribal peoples hunting or shooting on their lands.

    As for WH, they have closed a lot of their land to any kind of access, and now require permits. There was a thread on this IIRC.

    Personally, I don't blame them given the liability and the fact that garbage dumping and vandalism and people setting fires has been an increasing problem private landowners.

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