After Zimmerman Trial Info not knownl

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by DMax, Jul 30, 2013.

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    I love the smell of burning flesh in the morning :D.
    Truth will always come back to bite them. Best we all can do is help it along when possible.

    At my age I shoot forward a lot better than I run backward.
    Rearward movement is only used for a forward Advantage and better sight alignment !
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    one way i can appreciate the lack of prosecuting him is the fact that many times young men will commit crimes and grow out of it. therefore there it may be a bit excessive to ruin his entire future for being a thief and pot head as a teenager. on the other hand, he was breaking into people's property and stealing valuable items. he had already escalated to a higher crime. as far as the pot goes, it should be kept from kids but not illegal.

    all the same, the whole notion presented is a waste of time; we've all heard it before "if ifs and buts were candies and nuts", looking in hindsight is only good for correcting future mistakes and not to live in regret.
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    One big thing for me is the official policy of lying about crime rates. That is exactly what the Chief was doing by instituting this "policy." and the school district is just as bad for going along with it and commending the Chief for "reducing" the crime rate!

    All the persons in authority in both organizations should not only be fired, but prohibited from holding any position of responsibility in the public sector in the future.
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    Oh, my gosh. It is just so racist to expect that criminals will be arrested and punished for their crimes. You only want him to have been arrested because he was black, no because he was committing crimes & stuff. You guys... (And yes, that is sarcasm, and not to be taken seriously. I was attempting to sound like some certain black "leaders" (?)).
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