After-wave of support for SB941

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tiggers97, May 13, 2015.

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    Your opine is admirable and encouraged however in what venue are you suggesting?
    Where they would be excepted one would be preaching to the choir.
    Where they might do the most good how does on navigate the "post no bills" mentality when it comes to guns and conservatism?
    Twice, many years ago, I submitted my opinion which was unaligned with the Oregonian's philosophical mantra.
    Both submissions were not only edited, but done so to construe and reinvent my original intent leaving only the inflammatory portions and out of context.
    Next they applied a marginalized title , causing even sympathetic readers to engage reading with negative preconceived notions of content.
    As a final knife in the gut, all the other opines surrounding my submission were contrary, insinuating my submission was a radical rightwing minority view. Yet the volume of mail in support I received from people who took the time to look up my address was overwhelming and suggested otherwise, but still, from the "Choir".
    Other than writing political officials, I've not opined again when editing happens and rebuttal is not available.
    So I reiterate, where are you suggesting to sing our praise that will be heard and considered by those of low thought.
    As an aside;
    The recalls will scream loudly and influence many if successful but label us as toothless and embolden the left if they fail. While I wholeheartedly support them, I hope they aren't hollow threats for the latter reason. I have written many, in and out of my district, expressing my support and hope others do also soon as though unlikely, the outcry of recall support may suppress the governors signature if its not too late.

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