After Action Report: Gentleman's Weekend at Three Rivers

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    In what's become sort of an annual tradition in my little social circle, 11 brave souls made the trek to eastern Oregon's most exclusive gated community, Three Rivers. In attendance were:
    John, the Godfather
    Eric, Cougar Hunter
    Sweetbeard ( not the one from this forum )
    Stroh'ie the Horse
    Shake n' Bake
    Mutt & Jeff - The Ambiguously Straight duo
    The World's 2nd largest Korean
    (Names changed to protect the guilty.... You know who you are)

    Weapons present for Saturday's Range time:
    Remington 700 VTR 22-250
    2 Savage 17 hmr's
    Savage model 99 300 Savage
    2 Evil Black Rifles
    Winchester of indeterminate model # in 30-30
    3 Ruger 10/22's
    Glock 23
    Cz 75 SP-01 Phantom
    Metroarms American Classic 1911
    Ruger GP-100
    S&W 686
    Ruger Mk. II
    Ruger Mk. III 22/45
    H&R Breaktop .22lr 9 shot revolver
    5 12 ga. shotguns of various heritage

    Beers present Friday: 360 +/-
    Beers present Sunday: 4 +/-
    Empties donated to 3 rivers F.D.: 350 +/-
    Empties thrown at the Franken-camper after Jeff went to bed at 10 o'clock Saturday: 30 +/-
    Beers present at the range: Zero (Safety first, kids)

    Casualties: 175-ish clays, 15 pistol targets, 10 rifle targets, one explosive target someone else had left on the pistol target stand, one pair of underwear (see previous), 1500-ish rounds.

    As a note we may be opening up next year's venture to an initiate or two, PM me with reasons it ought to be you.
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